Corporate Responsibility

Arvato Donates for the Uitenhage Recycling Mula Swop-Shop Project


The employees of Arvato South Africa support the Uitenhage Recycling Mula Swop-Shop Project, a non-profit organization against child poverty. The Arvato employees donated many boxes full of clothes, food and toys and helped the project team to give them away. The idea of the project is that children from the township, which is almost just around the corner of the Arvato office in Uitenhage, collect garbage and bring it to the organization for recycling. The garbage is then swapped for "Mulas" (credits) which they can exchange for the donated food, clothes, toys etc. The purpose is not only to show the children a different way than begging, but also to teach them a general understanding of values and to create an awareness for recycling and environmental protection.


About the Uitenhage Recycling Mula Swop-Shop Project

The Uitenhage Recycling Mula Swop-Shop Project (Eastern Cape) has two main aims: 1) to clean up the environment and 2) to alleviate poverty. Children can come into the hall to exchange recyclable items for food, toiletries, stationery, clothes or toys, once a week and get a light meal before going home. Between 250-300 households benefit from the Mula project each week. Since the project was started in June 2015, more than 45 tons of PET plastic, more than 25 tons of cardboard, and more than 8 tons of non-recyclable items have been removed from the communities, which are also visibly cleaner.

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